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Yesterday I went to work but declined to do any task. My wage for March had not been paid yet.

Told my manager that I want to work, need the job, and want to be there for the whole period that I am being paid for. Sticking to my work position and declining to leave and go home turned out to be a good decision. A few hours later my manager came back to me with payment proof for the remainder of the wage of March.

I was informed that next Monday the company owner (I shall call him "boss" from now on) would want to talk to me. I don't hold much expectations for Monday. The contract ends in June and I'm pretty sure it won't be renewed. The boss doesn't seem to like people that protest.

My manager and recruiter informed during the interview that wages were being paid a bit late, so I wasn't surprised when the first half of the January paycheck only came on the eighth of February. But I was a bit concerned when the rest was paid only on the 26.

The trend was pretty clear, wages were being paid later every month.

chart_1 (2)

March paycheck was two months late. The situation was unsustainable.

I cannot let myself be taken advantage of. This is not volunteer work, I don't get out of bed everyday to be with my colleagues and I sure don't do it to get out of the house. It is a very simple transaction of time for money and not much money either. Not a very complex concept. If the company doesn't pay the electricity bill the servers stop, if Mr. boss man doesn't put gas on the M6 it won't run and if I don't get paid I won't work.

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